realizables is the first website specifically addressed to professional property developers whose aim is to facilitate sale and purchase of real estate

The information shown in this website has been carefully compiled by our experts who guarantee that it is truthful, clear and complete. The service realizables provides land and building owners consists in the preparation and regular updating of reports about every element you find in our web.

Access to the website realizables is free as well as to the directory of plots and buildings available in our page, sorted by categories.

To download the report of any of the plots or buildings listed in realizables you can make an individual payment or buy a voucher at our website.

realizables sends to registered users information about additions and withdrawals of plots and/or buildings listed in the website sorted by parameters.

Customers of realizables with valid vouchers have access to full information about public procurements regarding land development contracts.

realizables guarantees online marketing to attract national and international buyers both for plots and buildings.

Transparency, accountability and efficiency are core values at realizables.